CARMIX ONE selfloading concrete mixer

for an effective capacity of 1m per batch.
Economic selfloading concrete mixer with fixed drum, articulated chassis and reversible operators seat.

Characteristics CARMIX ONE

  • Drum Capacity 1.400 Liter

  • Concrete per batch 1m

  • Productivity: 4-5 batches per hour

  • Engine: Diesel Cummins A1700

  • Operators Cabin: Reversible driving seat with automatic inversion of hydraulic steering circuit and ROPS/FOPS canopy

  • Water: Watertank on board, alternatively water can be pumped from an external source.

  • climbing ability: fully loaded 30%.

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Homologization CARMIX

A homologization as a selfpropelled working machine is possible.

Dimensions CARMIX ONE

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