NRS - Bridging the World…

we represent NRS AS, a Norwegian company, which is rich in experience on advanced construction equipment for concrete bridges and modern techniques of construction. NRS has more than 20 years of expertise in specialised construction equipment, such as launching gantries for precast segments as well as cast in-situ concrete bridges, and formtravellers for free cantilever and cable stay bridges.

NRS AS delivers cutting edge technology and state of the art design solutions at very reasonable and competitive costs, to customers and partners around the entire world.

NRS AS Formtravellers and Launching Girders are being used world-wide. The company's expertise has helped build more than 500 bridges, including several world longest, in more than 25 countries all over the world and under all sorts of climatic conditions.

Thanks to NRS AS company's innovation and constant pursuit for engineering improvement NRS AS equipment are widely noted for their practical effectiveness, economic efficiency and innovation.

  • cast in situ bridge building

NRS designs and supplys of the following equipment:

  • MSS & Gantries for cast in-situ and precast concrete bridges (underslung and overhead types).

  • Formtravellers (Bridgebuilder) for free cantilever and cable stay bridges

  • Incremental launching equipment

  • Steel moulds for precast concrete segments/beams

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