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Since 1956 G&Z has been a supplier of concrete slipform paving equipment. Long, continuous concrete paving projects are now a thing of the past; today´s jobsites are characterized by being divided into many short / staged projects that must be completed rapidly to minimize the disturbance to the motoring public. These new demands dictated a high production, mobile concrete plant capable of producing high quality concrete that can be moved rapidly from one site to another and set up and torn down within a short time frame.

G&Z found there were no concrete plants on the market that fit their customer's needs, and began manufacturing mobile concrete plants.

The result was a prototype 350 qbm/ hour concrete batching and mixing plant designed around a 7,5 qbm; or 9,qbm; twin shaft mixer. This plant perfectly fits around the concrete needs of a slipform paver working at a width of 15 m. The G&Z MCP-Series plant features:

460 per hour!

produce up to 50 batches of 12 cyd (9.23 m3)
(vibrated and compacted concrete) in an hour when a 30 second mixing time is used.

  • designed for production of very high quality concrete with little or no cement losses

  • no concrete foundation required for the mixer as the mixer trailer becomes the foundation

  • no crane is required to lift the heavy mixer module, the heaviest part of the plant

  • no concrete foundation is required for the trailerized aggregate batcher trailer

  • the trailerized cement silo is self-lifting so no crane is required

  • the entire plant is low profile which is safer and reduces cement hose and electrical runs

  • the concrete belt can directly load tipper trucks, agitors or truck mixers

  • the plant is designed to fit on small plant sites

The entire plant can produce 350 qbm/hour and is entirely contained in 4 trailers. The plant can be moved and set up in one day without concrete foundations or a crane.
Plant tear down takes only a half shift. (Crew: three men and a CAT 980)

Technology: The latest high voltage electrical motor controls and networked PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) controls are used.

Environmentally Friendly: The dust control system on the plant and low noise emissions make this plant practical for use in urban areas.

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