G&Z - Slipform Paver

G&Z - Concrete Slipform Pavers with real 90 steering

G&Z has been manufacturing slipform pavers since 1956 that have proven their reliability all over the world.

The experience of over 50 years led the development of G&Z Pavers and to help minimize the costs of slipform paving operations. G&Z Pavers are characterized by minimizing the cost drivers: site moves, time for width change, no cranes required and minimizing concrete losses.

G&Z's line of Slipform Pavers begins with the S400, S600, S850(ST) and S850 QUADRA. The S850ST is a single telescopic paver, and the S850 QUADRA is telescopic in four directions. Both pavers are capable of paving widths from 3.65m up to 10.36m. With optional bolt-in frame and hose extensions, the S850 Slipform Paver can pave out to 11.4m. G&Z S1500 Slipform Paver is capable of paving widths of 5.5m up to 15m. All G&Z Pavers are capable of paving 60cm thick with optional equipment. Because G&Z adapts their equipment for specific contractor use, G&Z Pavers are the equipment of choice in high profile Highway, Airport and Urban paving projects.

G&Z focuses on customer needs first which leads to the development of G&Z equipment. The S850 QUADRA can change width, load and unload without a crane and without disconnection of hoses. This feature significantly reduces the time needed for width changes or relocation operations.

All Slipform Pavers from G&Z can be equipped with the optional patented 90 steering system that allows 90 steering of all 4 crawler tracks.

This 90 steering feature is only available from G&Z and allows paving close to obstacles like bridges or buildings. Hand work is minimized as G&Z Pavers can drive in 90 steering mode leaving only the length of the Paver for hand work. A G&Z Paver equipped with 90 steering clearly outperforms the competition.

S600 used in reconstruction

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Because of the 90 steering G&Z Pavers can navigate through narrow spots, such as bridges, on its own and can load themselves onto trucks. It is also possible to counter rotate the paver. These features have proven to be a great help when unloading from a truck on the jobsite or when changing directions for paving on job sites.G&Z also offers advanced self-loading Dowel Bar Inserter attachments, Placer Spreaders and Texture Cure machines to complement their pavers. Like any equipment from G&Z they have been developed to minimize the use of cranes to speed up width change and loading operations.

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