Carmix - 4X4 Mixer & Dumper


The 4x4 self loading concrete mixer

Just supply the material and let CARMIX...

Thanks to its unique articulated hydraulically operating shovel, CARMIX easily manages all the loading operations of the aggregates with perfect accuracy.
The blade fitted inside the shovel permits the breaking of cement bags with no waste.
From the shovel materials flow smoothly and quickly through the hopper into the drum.

Once in the drum, aggregates and cement are perfectly mixed together with the self-pumped water from the twin tanks.
Mixing quality and therefore concrete quality is granted by the double screw 4 mm tick. "T type. (electronic weighing system available on request).

No place is too difficult for CARMIX. The 4 wheel drive hydrostatic transmission along with the ideal weight balance allow CARMIX to climb fully load over 30 % gradients.

The CARMIX Revolution! With the drum slewing 300 the operator, acting the ergonomic JoyMix, pours concrete around the 4 sides of the vehicle at over 2 m of height. For a faster and better discharge drum can be hydraulically tilted up.

The CARMIX concrete mixers are available for an output of 1 m to 5,5 m per batch.

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